Smoked Pulled Pork

Smoked Pulled Pork

Ingredients: Kosmos Texas Beef Rub Meat Church Honey Hog Rub Pork Butt Apple Juice

After you have trimmed your butt, apply a lot of seasoning, put down Kosmos Texas Beef rub first, then Meat Church Honey Hog. Pat in. Smoke at 275 until internal temp reaches 160 Check meat during the cook and spray with apple juice if it is drying out When 160 degrees wrap in foil raise temp to 300 and continue cooking until it reaches 195 (total cook time will be about 4-5 hours-ish…..) When it's 195 degrees, put wrapped pork in an old towel and place in a cooler for 2 hours. When okay to touch, unwrap, pull the bone out. Pull meat. AND EAT! Serve with your favorite BBQ sauce! We had Trager Sweet-n-Heat, Traeger Texas Spicy, and Kosmos Original Competition!

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